KFC® Introduces New Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets

Photo credit: KFC

Let the nugget wars begin! Kentucky Fried Chicken® is introducing new, 100 percent white meat Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets – hand-breaded with KFC’s Original Recipe® – to menus nationwide starting March 27.

After a wildly successful test run in 2022 and years without a nugget made with the signature taste of KFC on menus, new Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets are making their way to KFC’s permanent menu at participating locations – and these chicken nuggets pack a powerful pop of flavor that can be enjoyed nationwide seven days a week.

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Meet the Black Bartender Turned Pastry Chef Behind the Infamous Cake Martinis

Pictured: Teasha Chestnut | Photo credit: Sugarholic Desserts

Teasha Chestnut, the founder and CEO of Sugarholic Desserts, is shaking things up in her business starting with her infamous alcohol-infused caketinis (cake-martinis). She plans to do small batch collection drops of specialty dessert boxes with a limited-time order window. The collections will feature the brand’s popular selection of individual-sized treats stuffed in reusable shakers with a shot glass.

Originally, Sugarholic cakes were made-to-order to guarantee freshness, but this method of ordering will be discontinued this spring. Taking a page from the beauty industry’s well-known brands and how product drops are done, Sugarholic Desserts will be releasing collections for a limited time. This method will allow customers to order small batches through collection releases while preventing food waste. Both collections will feature one flavor, coming with three different flavors in total.

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Entrepreneur On a Mission To Help 10,000 Black Women Become Bilingual With Her Spanish Program

Pictured: Kaywanda Lamb | Photo credit: Spanish for Black Girls

Meet Kaywanda Lamb, the founder and CEO of the Spanish for Black Girls™ program. As a seasoned certified educator with over 18 years of Spanish teaching experience, she is on a mission to help 10,000 professional Black women become bilingual with her program and international immersion experience.

Kaywanda recently returned from San Jose, Costa Rica where she took professional Black women abroad for her signature language immersion experience.

She launched Spanish for Black Girls™ in 2021 to create an easier pathway for Black women to become bilingual and has revolutionized how Black women learn Spanish. The program includes a comprehensive course plus community that not only provides an in-depth training of the Spanish language but also includes business and travel vocabulary. The program is designed to guide each student step by step to fluency in 90 days or less.

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The Best Long-Term Storage for Fruits and Vegetables

Photo credit: IntelWond

It’s always exciting when you bring home fresh produce or pick it from your garden or orchard. There is nothing like fresh food on the table, but it isn’t easy to keep excess fresh for long. Throughout the years, many efforts have been made to keep these organic materials fresh.

Some succeeded, and others failed. What made those succeed was something that they all had in common, and that was the proper conditions. Here is a look at the best long-term storage for fruits and vegetables to better clarify what we mean.

Basements Are Traditional Storage Areas

People have made all kinds of uses for basements throughout history, but there is one that cannot escape humanity and its past: food storage. Basements are great places to store food, whether for pickling, canning, or storing fresh produce. The environment is usually cold and dry, which is ideal for cold storage.

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3 Ways To Improve Sales at Your Juice Bar

Photo credit: Jacob Lund

Generate more profit to improve your juice bar, grow your business, or fill out your savings. Discover three ways to improve sales at your juice bar.

Juice bars can have higher profit margins than other restaurant models, and applying a savvy strategy will help you earn impressive results. Discover three ways to improve sales at your juice bar.

1. Train Your Staff To Upsell

Train your staff to invite customers to try more expensive drinks, upgrade their orders, or purchase add-ons. When staff members understand how your products can benefit consumers, they can offer your customers specific and persuasive information.

Staff members can make appetizing suggestions when they understand what flavors pair well together. And knowing the nutritional benefits of add-ins such as bee pollen, chia seeds, coconut oil, or maca powder can also improve upsells.

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