Wine From Lebanon Launches in Texas

7,000-year-old winemaking region uncorked

North American Wine & Spirit Importers, LLC (NAWSI) has launched Wine from Lebanon, introducing 15 innovative winemakers and four unique indigenous grapes from one of the oldest and finest wine growing regions in the world to the state of Texas. With a thirst for exploring new wine regions and consuming 60.3 million gallons of wine a year, Texas ranks 4th in the U.S. for wine consumption.

Wine from Lebanon features 15 winemakers including several female-owned and managed wineries, winemakers under 40 years old and winemakers utilizing indigenous grapes like Obaideh, Merwah, Meksassi and Sobbagiegh. Interested wholesalers, retailers and restaurants can attend tasting events to try the wine firsthand. NAWSI is seeking distribution for the Wine from Lebanon program.

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Originals Of Reality Tv – Snooki and Rupaul – With Exclusive Box Features

In celebration of the genre’s 30-year anniversary, Cheez-It® drops exclusive Reality TV Collector’s Cheddition boxes starring two iconic reality TV faces

Since the first show of the modern reality TV era hit the airwaves in 1992, Cheez-It® has been by fans’ side as THE original cracker made with 100% real cheese to snack on during those can’t-miss nights and weekend-long watch-a-thons. Cheez-It has even made a few cameos as a go-to snack on-screen. To celebrate 30 years of reality TV realness, Cheez-It is honoring the only genre that’s as obsession-inspiring as Cheez-It crackers with exclusive Cheez-It Reality TV Collector’s Cheddition boxes.

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Rémy Martin Teams Up With a Collective of Latino Curators to Celebrate the Tradition of Sobremesa

Rémy Martin has teamed up with Chef and TV personality Alejandra Ramos, Interior Designer and Lifestyle expert Evette Ríos, and Mixologist Alex Valencia to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month and honor the Latino tradition of Sobremesa, a post-dining tradition that embraces the appreciation of people and time. Together, Alejandra and Alex will create an array of innovative and savory Latin American-inspired cuisine and cocktails that pay homage to Sobremesa. Evette Ríos will share her style, decor, and entertaining home tips for celebrating the ritual of Sobremesa with family and friends.

Rémy Martin remains at the forefront of momentous occasions that bring people together to create deep-rooted connections. Rémy Martin has appointed global creative agency Fred & Farid to enhance the featured talents’ Latino artistic culture, personality, and passion points with dynamic and eye-catching film. Paying tribute to the rich and diverse Latino culture, the film was designed by an all-Latino cast of creatives-director, illustrators, animators, and production team.

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MTN Dew® and NBA® 2k23 Get an Assist From Hoops Legend, Shaquille O’Neal, as They Team Up to Offer Fans a Million Dollars in Swag

New MTN DEW® NBA® 2K23 Player’s Pack Bundle will be available to fans who order Papa Johns pizza and MTN DEW providing the chance to unlock in-game perks

MTN DEW® and NBA® 2K23 are dropping a gaming-ready bundle at Papa Johns just in time for the release of NBA® 2K23 on September 9. With an assist from basketball legend Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal, MTN DEW and NBA® 2K23 are tipping off a next-level unboxing experience at Papa Johns, with a limited-edition MTN DEW NBA® 2K23 Player’s Pack Bundle that will treat fans with a chance to unlock up to a million dollars’ worth of in-game swag.

“I’m so excited to team up with MTN DEW and NBA® 2K23 to create the ultimate gaming bundle at Papa Johns,” said Shaq, sports analyst and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer. “Fans can earn amazing in-game perks in the new NBA® 2K23 by pairing their favorite pizza with a refreshing MTN DEW – what’s better than that?!”

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Helpful Design Tips To Enhance Your Restaurant

Photo credit: Monkey Business

Starting and running your own restaurant is exciting, but there’s so much to keep track of. Here are some helpful design tips to enhance your restaurant.

There are hundreds of different aspects to consider with your restaurant to ensure it’s functional and safe. You want both practical solutions and solutions that ensure your business remains attractive and appealing to customers. Here are a few helpful design tips to enhance your restaurant’s condition.

Prioritize Sanitation

Whenever you’re working with food and beverages, sanitation is always a top priority. For that reason, you should strongly consider using stainless steel for your appliances, cooking utensils, and more. Not only is it sleek and nice in appearance, but stainless steel is incredibly resistant to corrosion. Thus, using stainless steel equipment drastically reduces the likelihood of rust or similar issues that could contaminate and harm your restaurant’s health standards. You’ll also find it very easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its non-porous surface.

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