Unique Kitchen Accessories That Make for Awesome Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your foodie best friend or family member? Check out these unique kitchen accessories that make for awesome gifts.

There is a false negative stereotype around gifting kitchen accessories, but that stereotype only exists because people aren’t gifting the right presents. Unless someone asks for something specific, a gift for the kitchen should be the kind of thing someone would never buy for themselves because it is too expensive; they shouldn’t just get a new toaster. Explore these unique kitchen accessories that make for awesome gifts to find the perfect present for the next holiday or birthday.

Ice Cream Maker

When people think of at-home ice cream makers, they think of the manual ones from yesteryear, but modern ice cream makers are fully automated so that you can get delicious ice cream with no effort. The typical ice cream maker can also make sherbet, frozen yogurt, and other cold treats to satisfy any summer craving.

French Fry Cutter

Could you cut your potatoes by hand? Yes. Is it more satisfying to send that potato through a cutter to get perfectly symmetrical fries? Absolutely! If your friend doesn’t have excellent knife skills, this might be the perfect way to save them from some extra work. Many people will just buy frozen french fries because they are easy to prepare, but they’ll feel incentivized to make them from scratch with a french fry cutter.

Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker

With a breakfast sandwich maker, you can make the perfect egg and effortlessly build an entire toasted breakfast sandwich. When selecting a housewarming gift, you want to give pick something you know the recipient doesn’t already have. And trust me—no one has an electric breakfast sandwich maker.

Quesadilla Maker

We’ve all seen a panini maker, but have you seen a quesadilla maker? Quesadillas are a snack that everyone loves, and now you can have them whenever you want without a trip to your favorite Mexican restaurant. You can give the gift of perfectly cooked cheesy goodness on demand.

Cast Iron Bacon Press

Don’t you ever wonder how they get bacon so flat at restaurants, but when you cook it at home, they get all shriveled up? Well, this cast iron bacon press keeps bacon perfectly flat, which can be especially helpful when adding bacon to sandwiches or burgers. You can also use the press for making burgers and grilled sandwiches.

CO2 Wine Bottle Opener

A CO2 wine bottle opener is almost like a party trick; the opener will not only open any bottle of wine in seconds, but it is so much fun to use. The CO2 will shoot the cork right out of the bottle, so you never have to worry about ripping a cork again.

Make your next present one to remember with these unique kitchen accessories that make for awesome gifts!

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